Representatives from TLM Denmark and TLM Bangladesh

Denmark is a stable and prosperous country in northern Europe, known for its welfare state, social equality and almost non-existent corruption. TLM has worked in Denmark, raising financial and prayer support, since 1949. TLM Denmark today is a small entity, administered on behalf of the board by Danish Missions Council Development Department. The board members are also actively and cooperatively involved in contacting donors and working with partners, with Chairman Jørgen Andersen acting as National Director. There are around 1,000 private donors, and TLM Denmark works with these donors to raise funds to support the Mission’s programmes especially in Bangladesh.

There has been a long connection between Danish missions and Bangladesh: TLM’s referral hospital in the northwest of the country came through a programme merger with the Danish Santal Mission in the mid-1980s. There is a partnership agreement with TLM Bangladesh. TLM Denmark honours its commitments through a promotion magazine five times a year, regular letters to donors, and up to ten special fundraising activities with churches around Denmark each year. In addition, TLM has for many years received substantial funding from the Danish Government for projects in Bangladesh. Total Danish contributions to TLM’s work worldwide amount to around £300,000 per year.

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Leprosy harms people in multiple ways, and we care about the whole person. We transform people’s lives through health and disability care, rehabilitation, education, better livelihoods, and advocacy for social change.

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Someone is newly diagnosed with leprosy every two minutes, and millions live with the consequences of the disease – yet many around the world don’t know it exists.

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