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Selected Research Publications

Year Topic ⇕ Authors ⇕ (click to sort) Paper & Publication ⇕ (click to sort)
2022 Leprosy Diagnostic Collins, J.H., Lenz, S.M., Ray, N.A., Balagon, M.F., Hagge, D.A., Lahiri, R. and Adams, L.B., 2022. A Sensitive and Quantitative Assay to Enumerate and Measure Mycobacterium leprae Viability in Clinical and Experimental Specimens. Current Protocols, 2(2), p.e359.
2022 Leprosy Diagnostic Lenz, S.M., Ray, N.A., Lema, T., Collins, J.H., Thapa, R., Girma, S., Balagon, M., Bobosha, K., Hagge, D.A., Williams, D.L. and Scollard, D.M., 2022. Utility of a Mycobacterium leprae molecular viability assay for clinical leprosy: An analysis of cases from the Philippines, Ethiopia, and Nepal. Frontiers in Tropical Diseases, 3, p.967351.
2021 COVID-19 and leprosy De Barros, B., Lambert, S.M., Negera, E., De Arquer, G.R., Sales, A.M., Darlong, J., Dias, V.L., Rozario, B.J., Pai, V.V., Alinda, M.D. and Listiawan, M.Y., 2021. An assessment of the reported impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on leprosy services using an online survey of practitioners in leprosy referral centres. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 115(12), pp.1456-1461.
2021 Leprosy Diagnostics & Epidemiology Post, E., Brandsma, W., Wagenaar, I., Alam, K., Shetty, V., Husain, S., Prakoeswa, C.R.S., Shah, M. and Tamang, K.B., 2021. Delay in Leprosy Diagnosis—A multi-center, multi-country Asian study. Leprosy Review, 92(1), pp.29-37.
2021 Reaction Post, E., Wagenaar, I., Brandsma, W., Bowers, B., Alam, K., Shetty, V., Pai, V., Husain, S., Prakoeswa, C.R.S., Astari, L. and Hagge, D., 2021. Prednisolone adverse events in the treatment and prevention of leprosy neuropathy in two large double blind randomized clinical trials. Leprosy Review, 92(3), pp.236-246.
2021 Social Science Shrestha, D., Napit, I.B., Ansari, S., Choudhury, S.M., Dhungana, B., Gill, P., Griffiths, F., Gwyther, H., Hagge, D., Kandel, S. and Puri, S., 2021. Evaluation of a self-help intervention to promote the health and wellbeing of marginalised people including those living with leprosy in Nepal: a prospective, observational, cluster-based, cohort study with controls. BMC public health, 21(1), pp.1-13.
2021 Immunology Zhou, A.X., Scriba, T.J., Day, C.L., Hagge, D.A. and Seshadri, C., 2021. A simple assay to quantify mycobacterial lipid antigen-specific T cell receptors in human tissues and blood. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 15(12), p.e0010018.
2020 Reaction De Barros, B., Lambert, S.M., Shah, M., Pai, V.V., Darlong, J., Rozario, B.J., Alinda, M.D., Sales, A.M., Doni, S., Hagge, D.A. and Shrestha, D., 2020. Methotrexate and prednisolone study in erythema nodosum leprosum (MaPs in ENL) protocol: a double-blind randomised clinical trial. BMJ open, 10(11), p.e037700.
2020 PEP Lenz, S.M., Collins, J.H., Ray, N.A., Hagge, D.A., Lahiri, R. and Adams, L.B., 2020. Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) efficacy of rifampin, rifapentine, moxifloxacin, minocycline, and clarithromycin in a susceptible-subclinical model of leprosy. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 14(9), p.e0008583.
2019 Reaction Teles, R.M., Lu, J., Tió-Coma, M., Goulart, I.M., Banu, S., Hagge, D., Bobosha, K., Ottenhoff, T.H., Pellegrini, M., Geluk, A. and Modlin, R.L., 2019. Identification of a systemic interferon-γ inducible antimicrobial gene signature in leprosy patients undergoing reversal reaction. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 13(10), p.e0007764.
2019 Reaction Tió-Coma, M., van Hooij, A., Bobosha, K., van der Ploeg-van Schip, J., Banu, S., Khadge, S., Thapa, P., Kunwar, C.B., Goulart, I.M., Bekele, Y. and Hagge, D.A., 2019. Whole blood RNA signatures in leprosy patients identify reversal reactions before clinical onset: a prospective, multicenter study. Scientific reports, 9(1), pp.1-12.
2018 Drug Resistance Cambau, E., Saunderson, P., Matsuoka, M., Cole, S.T., Kai, M., Suffys, P., Rosa, P.S., Williams, D., Gupta, U.D., Lavania, M. and Cardona-Castro, N., 2018. Antimicrobial resistance in leprosy: results of the first prospective open survey conducted by a WHO surveillance network for the period 2009–15. Clinical microbiology and infection, 24(12), pp.1305-1310.
2018 Leprosy Neuropathy Han- Siong Toh, Mahesh Shah, Jeni Maharjan, Ruby Thapa, Suwash Baral, Deanna A. Hagge, Kapil D Neupane, Indra B. Napit, Diana Lockwood. Impact of Neuropathic pain in the people affected by leprosy: Study in a leprosy referral hospital in Nepal. PLOS July 2, 2018
2018 Leprosy Drugs The Leprosy Mission World Health Organization, 2018. Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of leprosy.
2017 ENL Stephen L. Walker , Anna M. Sales, C. Ruth Butlin, Mahesh Shah, Armi Maghanoy, Saba M. Lambert, Joydeepa Darlong, Benjamin Jewel Rozario, Vivek V. Pai, Marivic Balagon, Shimelis N. Doni, Deanna A. Hagge, José A. C. Nery, Kapil D. Neupane, Suwash Baral, Biliom A. Sangma, Digafe T. Alembo, Abeba M. Yetaye, Belaynesh A. Hassan, Mohammed B. Shelemo, Peter G. Nicholls, Diana N. J. Lockwood, on behalf of the Erythema Nodosum Leprosum International STudy Group. A leprosy clinical severity scale for erythema nodusum Leprosum: An international, multicentre validation study of the ENLIST ENL Severity Scale. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2017 Jul 3;11(7):e0005716. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0005716.
2017 Reaction Inge Wagenaar, Erik Post, Wim Brandsma, Bob Bowers, Khorshed Alam, Vanaja Shetty, Vivek Pai, Sajid Husain, Cita Rosita Sigit Prakoeswa, Linda Astari, Deanna Hagge, Mahesh Shah, Kapil Neupane, Krishna Bahadur Tamang, The TENLEP study group , Peter Nicholls, Jan Hendrik Richardus Effectiveness of 32 weeks versus 20 weeks of prednisolone in leprosy patients with recent nerve function impairment: A randomised controlled trial. Inge M. Effectiveness of 32 versus 20 weeks of prednisolone in leprosy patients with recent nerve function impairment: A randomized controlled trial. PLOS October 4, 2017
2017 Leprosy Diagnostic Deanna A. Hagge, Pawan Parajuli, Chhatra B. Kunwar, Divya Rana, Ruby Thapa, Kapil D. Neupane, Peter Nicholls, Linda B. Adams, Annemieke Geluk, Mahesh Shah and Indra B. Napit. Opening a can of worms: leprosy reaction status is associated with complicit neglected tropical diseases within a co-endemic population.
2016 Reaction Mayboroda OA, van Hooij A, Derks R, van den Eeden SJ, Dijkman K, Khadge S, Thapa P, Kunwar CB, Hagge DA, Geluk A. Exploratory urinary metabolomics of type 1 leprosy reactions. Int J Infect Dis. 2016 Apr;45:46-52. doi: 10.1016/j.ijid.2016.02.012. Epub 2016 Feb 26
2016 Reaction - Genetics Shah JA, Berrington WR, Vary JC Jr, Wells RD, Peterson GJ, Kunwar CB, Khadge S, Hagge DA, Hawn TR. Genetic Variation in Toll-Interacting Protein Is Associated With Leprosy Susceptibility and Cutaneous Expression of Interleukin 1 Receptor Antagonist. J Infect Dis. 2016 Apr 1;213(7):1189-97. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiv570. Epub 2015 Nov 26
2016 TB Karthyk Moganeradj, Dunstan Rajendram, Saraswoti Khadge, Pam Sonneberg, Ibrahim Abubakar, Timothy D. McHugh, Murdo Macdonald, Deanna A. Hagge, Catherine Arnold. Insertion element IS6110 based characterisation of Nepalese tuberculosis strains into different genetic lineages. 2016 Clin Microbiol Infect Dis, 1: DOI: 10.15761/CMID.1000101
2016 Neuropathy Wan EL, Rivadeniera AF, Serrano HA, Napit I, Garbino JA, Joshua J, Cardona-Castro N, Dellon AL, Theuvenet W. Protocol for a Randomised Controlled Trial Investigating Decompression for Leprous Neuropathy (The DELN Protocol). Leprosy Rev. 2016 Dec;87(4):553-61.
2016 Reaction Walker, S.L., Knight, K.L., Pai, V.V., Nicholls, P.G., Alinda, M., Butlin, C.R., Darlong, J., Hagge, D.A., Lambert, S.M., Listiawan, M.Y. and Maghanoy, A. The development of a severity scale for Erythema Nodosum Leprosum–the ENLIST ENL severity scale. Leprosy Review, 87(3), pp.332-346.
2016 ENL Walker, S.L., Knight, K.L., Pai, V.V., Nicholls, P.G., Alinda, M., Butlin, C.R., Darlong, J., Hagge, D.A., Lambert, S.M., Listiawan, M.Y. and Maghanoy, A. The development of a severity scale for Erythema Nodosum Leprosum–the ENLIST ENL severity scale. Leprosy Review, 87(3), pp.332-346.
2015 Reaction Stephen L. Walker, Marivic Balagon , Joydeepa Darlong , Shimelis N. Doni , Deanna A. Hagge , Vikas Halwai , Annamma John , Saba M. Lambert, Armi Maghanoy , Jose A. C. Nery, Kapil D. Neupane , Peter G. Nicholls , Vivek V. Pai, Pawan Parajuli , Anna M. Sales , Euzenir Sarno , Mahesh Shah, Digafe Tsegaye , Diana N. J. Lockwood , Erythema Nodosum Leprosum International Study ENLIST 1: An International Multi-centre Cross-sectional Study of the Clinical Features of Erythema Nodosum Leprosum. Group PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2015 Sep 9;9(9):e0004065. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0004065. eCollection 2015
2015 Reaction Khadge S, Banu S, Bobosha K, van der Ploeg-van Schip JJ, Goulart IM, Thapa P, Kunwar CB, van Meijgaarden KE, van den Eeden SJ, Wilson L, Kabir S, Dey H, Goulart LR, Lobato J, Carvalho W, Bekele Y, Franken KL, Aseffa A, Spencer JS, Oskam L, Otttenhoff TH, Hagge DA, Geluk A.BMC Longitudinal immune profiles in type 1 leprosy reactions in Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia and Nepal. Infectious Diseases. 2015;15:477. doi:10.1186/s12879-015-1128-0.
2015 Dengue Pandey BD, Pandey K, Neupane B, Shah Y, Adhikary KP, Gautam I, Hagge DA, Morita K. Trans R Soc Persistent dengue emergence: the 7 years surrounding the 2010 epidemic in Nepal. Trop Med Hyg. 2015 Dec;109(12):775-82. doi: 10.1093/trstmh/trv087. Epub 2015 Oct 26
2014 Leprosy Diagnostics William R. Berrington, Chhatra B. Kunwar, Kapil Neupane, Susan J. F. van den Eeden, James C. Vary Jr., Glenna J. Peterson, Richard D. Wells, Annemieke Geluk, Deanna A. Hagge,Thomas R. Hawn Differential Dermal Expression of CCL17 and CCL18 in Tuberculoid and Lepromatous Leprosy. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2014 Nov 20;8(11):e3263.
2014 Leprosy Diagnostics Hagge DA, Scollard DM, Ray NA, Marks VT, Deming AT, Spencer JS, Adams LB IL-10 and NOS2 modulate antigen-specific reactivity and nerve infiltration by T cells in experimental leprosy. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2014 Sep 11;8(9):e3149. 
2014 Leprosy Diagnostics K Bobosha, LWilson, KE Meijgaarden, Y Bekele, M Zewdie, JJ van der Ploeg- van Schip, M Abebe, J Hussein, S Khadge, DA Hagge, ES Jordanova, A Aseffa, THM Ottenhoff, and A Geluk. T-cell regulation in Lepromatous Leprosy. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2014 Apr 10;8(4):e2773
2014 Leprosy Diagnostics Rivoire BL, Groathouse NA, TerLouw S, Neupane KD, Ranjit C, Sapkota BR, Khadge S, Kunwar CB, Macdonald M, Hawksworth R, Thapa MB,Hagge DA, Tibbals M, Smith C, Dube T, She D, Wolff M, Zhou E, Makhene M, Mason R, Sizemore C, Brennan PJ. Safety and efficacy assessment of two new leprosy skin test antigens: randomized double blind clinical study. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2014 May 29;8(5):e2811
2013 Integrated Health Care SF Raffe, M Thapa, S. Khadge, K Tamang, DA Hagge, DN Lockwood. Diagnosis and treatment of Leprosy Reactions in Integrated Services – the Patients’ Perspective in Nepal. PLOS NTD 2013; 7(3);e2089
2012 Leprosy Diagnostics Kidist Bobosha, Sheila Tuyet Tang, Jolien J. van der Ploeg - van Schip, Yonas Bekele, Marcia Brandao Martins, Ole Lund, Kees L.M.C. Franken, Saraswoti Khadge, Jemal Hussien, Pratibha Thapa, Chhatra Kunwar, Deanna A Hagge, Abraham Aseffa, Maria C.V. Pessolani, Geraldo M. B. Pereira, Tom H. M. Ottenhoff, and Annemieke Geluk. Mycobacterium leprae virulence-associated peptides indicate M. leprae exposure or pathogenic T-cell responses in Brazil, Ethiopia and Nepal. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 2012 Dec;107 Suppl 1:112-23
2012 Drug Resistance Li W, Matsuoka M, Kai M, Thapa P, Khadge S, Hagge DA, Brennan PJ, Vissa V. Real-Time PCR and High-Resolution Melt Analysis for Rapid Detection of Mycobacterium leprae Drug Resistance Mutations and Strain Types. J Clin Microbiol. 2012 Mar;50(3):742-53. Epub 2011 Dec 14.
2012 Immunogenetics Linda Adams, Maria Pena, Rahul Sharma, Deanna A Hagge, Erwin Schurr and Richard Truman. Insights from Animal Models on the Immunogenetics of Leprosy. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 2012 Dec; 107 Suppl 1:197-208.
2012 Leprosy Diagnostics Mariane Martins De Araújo Stefani, Adriano Badotti Grassi, Lucas Henrique Sampaio, Ana Lucia Maroclo Sousa, Mauricio Barcelos Costa, Pauline Scheelbeek, Kapil D. Neupane, Deanna A. Hagge, Murdo Macdonald, Sang-Nae Cho, Linda Oskam & Samira Buhrer-Sékula. Comparison of two rapid tests for anti phenolic glycolipid-I serology in Brazil and Nepal. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 2012 Dec;107 Suppl 1:124-31.
2012 Clinical Trial: Leprosy Reactions (T1R) SL Walker, PG Nicholls, S Dhakal, RA Hawksworth, M Macdonald, K Mahat , S Ruchal, S Hamal, DA Hagge, KD Neupane and DNJ Lockwood. A comparison of change in the severity score of individuals with leprosy associated nerve function impairment after treatment with corticosteroids and a retrospective physician assessment of neurological outcome. Leprosy Review. 2012 Jun; 83(2):154-63.
2012 Clinical Trial: Leprosy Reactions (T1R) Walker SL, Roberts CH, Atkinson SE, Khadge S, Macdonald M, Neupane KD, Ranjit C, Sapkota BR, Dhakal S, Hawksworth RA, Mahat K, Ruchal S, Hamal S, Hagge DA, Lockwood DN. The effect of systemic corticosteroid therapy on the expression of toll-like receptor 2 and toll-like receptor 4 in the cutaneous lesions of leprosy Type 1 reactions. Br J Dermatol. 2012 Feb 20.
2011 Leprosy Diagnostics Bobosha K, Van Der Ploeg-Van Schip JJ, Zewdie M, Sapkota BR, Hagge DA, Franken KL, Inbiale W, Aseffa A, Ottenhoff TH, Geluk A. Immunogenicity of Mycobacterium leprae unique antigens in leprosy endemic populations in Asia and Africa. Lepr Rev. 2011 Dec;82(4):445-58.
2011 Clinical Trial: Leprosy Reactions (T1R) Walker SL, Nicholls PG, Dhakal S, Hawksworth RA, Macdonald M, Mahat K, Ruchal S, Hamal S, Hagge DA, Neupane KD, Lockwood DN. A phase two randomised controlled double blind trial of high dose intravenous methylprednisolone and oral prednisolone versus intravenous normal saline and oral prednisolone in individuals with leprosy type 1 reactions and/or nerve function impairment. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2011 Apr 12;5(4):e1041
2010 Leprosy Reactions: Genetics Berrington, WR, Macdonald, M, Khadge, S, Sapkota, BR, Janer, M, Hagge, DA, Kaplan, G, Hawn, TR. Common polymorphisms in NOD2 gene region are associated with leprosy and its reactive states. Journal of Infectious Diseases 2010:201: 1422-1435
2010 Genetics & Susceptibility David M. Tobin, Jay C. Vary, Jr., John P. Ray1, Gregory S. Walsh, Sarah J. Dunstan, Nguyen D. Bang, Deanna A. Hagge, Saraswoti Khadge, Mary-Claire King, Thomas R. Hawn, Cecilia B. Moens, Lalita Ramakrishna The lta4h Locus Modulates Susceptibility to Mycobacterial Infection. Cell 140: 717-730.
2010 Leprosy Reactions: Genetics Sapkota, BR, Macdonald, M, E. Ann Misch, Berrington, WR, Ranjit, C, Siddiqui, MR, Kaplan, G, Hawn, TR. Polymorphisms in TNF-alpha, MBL, and VDR and their association with leprosy and immunologic reactions. Hum Immunol. 2010 Oct;71(10):992-8
2009 Case Report: Leprosy Diagnosis Bishwa R Sapkota, Kapil D Neupane and Ram K Maharjan Single lesion multibacillary leprosy, a treatment enigma: a case report. J Med Case Reports.2009.3.8
2009 Immunology Hagge DA, Saunders BM, Ebenezer GJ, Ray NA, Marks VT, Britton WJ, Krahenbuhl JL, Adams LB. Lymphotoxin-alpha and TNF have essential but independent roles in the evolution of the granulomatous response in experimental leprosy. Am J Pathol. 2009 Apr;174(4):1379-89.
2009 Leprosy Transmission Monot M, Honoré N, Garnier T, Zidane N, Sherafi D, Paniz-Mondolfi A, Matsuoka M, Taylor GM, Donoghue HD, Bouwman A, Mays S, Watson C, Lockwood D, Khamesipour A, Dowlati Y, Jianping S, Rea TH, Vera-Cabrera L, Stefani MM, Banu S, Macdonald M, Sapkota BR, Spencer JS, Thomas J, Harshman K, Singh P, Busso P, Gattiker A, Rougemont J, Brennan PJ, Cole ST. Comparative genomic and phylogeographic analysis of Mycobacterium leprae. Nat Genet. 2009 Dec;41(12):1282-9
2009 Leprosy Diagnostics Sapkota, BR et al. From Genome-Based In Silico Predictions to Ex Vivo Verification of Leprosy Diagnosis. Clin Vacc Immunol.2009.16.352-359
2008 MDT Alternatives & Dapsone Sensitivity B R Sapkota, K Shrestha, B Pandey & S. L. Walker A retrospective study of the effect of modified multi-drug therapy in Nepali leprosy patients following the development of adverse effects due to dapsone. Lepr Rev 2008.79.425-428
2008 Leprosy Reactions: Genetics E. A. Misch et al. Human TLR1 Deficiency Is Associated with Impaired Mycobacterial Signaling and Protection from Leprosy Reversal Reaction. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2008.2.e231
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2008 Leprosy Transmission Walker SL1, Shah M, Hubbard VG, Pradhan HM, Ghimire M. Skin disease is common in rural Nepal: results of a point prevalence study., Br J Dermatol. 2008 Feb;158(2):334-8. Epub 2007 Aug 17
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