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A photo of Khorshed

Khorshed has worked in the leprosy field since 1989 and has more than 20 years' experience of clinical and operational research. He has managed many projects under the umbrella of The Leprosy Mission Bangladesh's Rural Health Program (RHP) and was the founding manager of the Leprosy Field Research in Bangladesh (LFRB) project. He holds a Master of Social Science degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the Asian University of Bangladesh


Phone: +880 1713362711

Research experience:

  • Field evaluation of novel immunodiagnostic tools for early detection of leprosy in a BGC vaccination field trial among contacts of leprosy patients (INDIGO)
  • Epidemiological study on contact transmission and chemoprophylaxis in leprosy (COLEP)
  • Randomized controlled trial of the combined effect of chemoprophylaxis with single dose rifampicin and immunoprophylaxis with BCG to prevent leprosy in contacts of newly diagnosed leprosy cases: A cluster randomized controlled trial (MALTALEP) co-PI
  • Contact Cohort study (COCOA) co-PI
  • Initiatives for Diagnostic & Epidemiological Assays for Leprosy (IDEAL) co-PI
  • Bangladesh Acute Nerve Damage Study (BANDS)
  • Treatment of Early Neuropathy in Leprosy (TENLEP)

His work has been published in several peer reviewed journals including Vaccine, EBioMedicine, iScience, Frontiers in Immunology, International Journal of Infectious Disease, Leprosy Review & LML.


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