National Director Ritva Pohti at TLM Finland's stand at the popular annual 'World comes to village' festival

Sparsely populated Finland, in northern Scandinavia, is a land of seasonal extremes. The winter is long and dark. In the summer, at least in the far north, the sun does not set for around ten weeks. Situated between Sweden and Russia, Finland's culture has been influenced by close contact with both neighbour countries, as well as retaining its own indigenous heritage. In 2017, Finland celebrated 100 years of independence.

Support of TLM’s work started in Finland in 1968, and one of the features of that support up to the 1990s was the regular recruitment of Finnish medical professionals to serve with TLM in several countries overseas. TLM operates in Finland through volunteers, who work with individuals, church groups, schools and other organisations to raise funds for leprosy work in DR Congo.

They also seek to increase knowledge and interest in Finland about leprosy, how it affects people, and what can be done to help. Four annual magazines in Finnish and Swedish, along with articles and stories in Christian and secular magazines, help to keep supporters informed about leprosy and TLM’s work.

TLM Finland’s volunteer director is Ritva Pohti. They became affiliate Members of TLM's Global Fellowship in 2019.

we do

Leprosy harms people in multiple ways, and we care about the whole person. We transform people’s lives through health and disability care, rehabilitation, education, better livelihoods, and advocacy for social change.

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what is

Someone is newly diagnosed with leprosy every two minutes, and millions live with the consequences of the disease – yet many around the world don’t know it exists.

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