Pray with us

According to the founder of The Leprosy Mission, Wellesley Bailey, the Mission was
‘born and cradled in prayer’.


Prayer continues to be central to all that we do. The Leprosy Mission International office produces prayer resources that give a global overview as well as the current prayer needs for our work with leprosy-affected people, our staff, and the countries that we work in. Many other TLM offices also produce prayer resources on a quarterly or monthly basis – check our list of Members to see if there’s a TLM office near you.

ASK Prayer Diary is an annual prayer guide providing a global overview of The Leprosy Mission’s work. You can view the ASK Prayer Diary week by week below, download a PDF of the full year, or request a printed booklet. A quarterly prayer guide with updated details, needs and points of praise is also available for download.

The Lord… is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. - 2 Peter 3:9 (NIV) -
Week 30: 15-21 July



Give thanks for the strong links of TLM Hungary with Christian churches. All 1,500 local Presbyterian, Lutheran and Baptist churches have been regularly contacted, and 1/3 of them are already financially supporting TLM’s cause besides their prayers. Give thanks for the dedicated ministers and volunteers keeping the flame alive in their congregations and helping people affected by leprosy to Life in all its Fullness!


Give thanks for the final step last year to integrate all Christian churches in Hungary into TLM’s work, a “legacy project” of the Country Leader. Pray for good acceptance of TLM’s message in the new spots: the 2,400 parishes of the major Catholic Church, and the Neoprotestant churches.


Give thanks for the faithfully serving volunteers helping in different areas (such as database, administration, social media, church links, finances, schools and legal), each one with a heart to share their expertise for the benefit of the Mission.


From January onward a new three year term began for the Board in Hungary. Pray for the Chair and other members, whether they continue, or are new in their roles. Pray for God’s guidance for them that they will be engaged and understanding, with a burning heart for Jesus and mission.


Pray for wisdom and vision for Marta Risko, Country Leader, both in her leadership role within Hungary and in the spiritual ministry working group of TLM Global Fellowship.


Give thanks for the prayer support coming from Hungary that nurtures the daily life of The Leprosy Mission. ASK has been translated into Hungarian for the 13th year by a dedicated team of translators, enabling individual praying partners and church groups to use it in the national language.

For 45 years, TLM Hungary has given prayer support and raised funds for the work of The Leprosy Mission around the world. Locally, the team in Hungary share knowledge and information on the needs of people affected by leprosy to inspire Hungarian people to active help.

The main base of continual support are individuals and Christian churches. Reaching out to the wider population, TLM Hungary has regular campaigns in different areas of the country, inserting leaflets into local and regional magazines and newspapers, or in door-to-door visits. Different media appearances in Christian TV, radio and press are extremely good opportunities for raising and deepening interest.

TLM Hungary is also invited to hold performances in Christian schools, which they regard as sowing seeds for the future, as through the sensitivity of children and, indirectly, some of their parents, the next generation can be inspired in charitable thinking and actions.

In 2019, TLM Hungary is contributing to the work of TLM in India, DR Congo and Ethiopia.