Pray with us

According to the founder of The Leprosy Mission, Wellesley Bailey, the Mission was
‘born and cradled in prayer’.


Prayer continues to be central to all that we do. The Leprosy Mission International office produces prayer resources that give a global overview as well as the current prayer needs for our work with leprosy-affected people, our staff, and the countries that we work in. Many other TLM offices also produce prayer resources on a quarterly or monthly basis – check our list of Members to see if there’s a TLM office near you.

ASK Prayer Diary is an annual prayer guide providing a global overview of The Leprosy Mission’s work. You can view the ASK Prayer Diary week by week below, download a PDF of the full year, or request a printed booklet. A quarterly prayer guide with updated details, needs and points of praise is also available for download.

Ecumenical cantata worship on World Leprosy Day 2016.
The LORD replies, “I have seen violence done to the helpless, and I have heard the groans of the poor. Now I will rise up to rescue them, as they have longed for me to do.” - Psalm 12:5 (NLT) -
Week 42: 16-22 Oct

Finland and Germany


TLM Finland are focusing on young adults and using new channels of communication to attract new readers for their magazine. Pray for good ideas to inspire young people to take an interest in the work of the Mission.


In 2016, the Finnish Government made large changes and decreased the foreign development aid offered to non-governmental organisations. Pray for the team in Finland as they seek new ways to widen their support base to make up for this reduced funding.


Give thanks for TLM Finland’s new board members, who all have long experience in this kind of work. Give thanks too for the long service of Rev Eija Kilpi, who retired after nearly 30 years of service on the board and as vice chair.


Pray for peace in Germany and throughout Europe. Pray for the politicians, that God would grant them wisdom to make the right decisions, and protect our land, our families and our children.


Praise God for the network of volunteers in TLM Germany who kindly offer of their time, ideas and skills. Give thanks especially for the new members and their activities and engagement and pray God will open the hearts of more people to the needs of people affected by leprosy.


Pray for special services held by TLM Germany in various churches, that they will awaken interest in TLM’s work.

About TLM Finland

Support for TLM started in Finland in 1968 and the National Council was formed in 1981. TLM Finland is operated solely through the generosity of volunteers, who work with individuals, churches, church groups and other organisations to raise funds to finance leprosy and disability prevention work in DR Congo. They also seek to increase knowledge and interest in Finland about leprosy, how it affects people, and what can be done to help them.

TLM Finland produces four annual magazines in Finnish and Swedish; publishes articles and stories about leprosy work in Christian and secular magazines; visits churches and church groups, schools and other groups interested to hear about leprosy and our work; and appears on Christian and local radio and TV stations.

About TLM Germany

TLM Germany started as a local circle of friends around Dr and Mrs Riedel. They were pioneers in the fight against leprosy, working from 1951 to 1997 for The Leprosy Mission. Their request was to bring all people God’s love and to make God’s kingdom visible.

All members of TLM Germany’s executive committee are volunteers and are part of different parishes. They organise special fundraising events and are invited to various groups and communities in order to report on their projects. TLM Germany supports projects in Niger, India and Chad.