Pray with us

According to the founder of The Leprosy Mission, Wellesley Bailey, the Mission was
‘born and cradled in prayer’.


Prayer continues to be central to all that we do. The Leprosy Mission International office produces prayer resources that give a global overview as well as the current prayer needs for our work with leprosy-affected people, our staff, and the countries that we work in. Many other TLM offices also produce prayer resources on a quarterly or monthly basis – check our list of Members to see if there’s a TLM office near you.

ASK Prayer Diary is an annual prayer guide providing a global overview of The Leprosy Mission’s work. You can view the ASK Prayer Diary week by week below, download a PDF of the full year, or request a printed booklet. A quarterly prayer guide with updated details, needs and points of praise is also available for download.

Scholarship students
The humble will be filled with fresh joy from the LORD. The poor will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel. - Isaiah 29:19 (NLT) -
Week 30: 23-29 July



Please pray for the success of TLM India’s work to reduce leprosy-related social stigma and discrimination and promote the social inclusion of people affected by leprosy. Praise God for the champion from Tamil Nadu who participated in the International Para Athletics Championship 2018 and won a gold medal and a silver medal.


Pray for support of all stakeholders at the national, state and grass-root levels so that TLM India can implement its community-based rehabilitation initiatives effectively.


Pray for the cooperatives, community-based organisations and self-help groups being formed by TLM India. Pray for their successful management so that people affected by leprosy and members of other marginalised groups are benefitted. 


Pray for the students from families affected by leprosy who are receiving TLM India’s education scholarships. Pray for their wellbeing and bright future.


Pray for God’s strength and guidance for the members of community-based organisations being developed by TLM India, to stand for their rights. Please pray for successful training of human rights defenders on how to use the toolkit for addressing stigma.


Pray for more donors and strategic partners to come forward to support TLM India’s vocational training centres and community empowerment projects.

Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Empowerment

The age-old stigma associated with leprosy often leads to the social exclusion of people affected by the disease. They are ostracised, excluded from community gatherings and prevented from accessing community resources. These multiple deprivations result in people affected by leprosy not being able to participate fully in the economic, social and political life of the society in which they live. 

The Leprosy Mission Trust India works to restore people affected by leprosy and other marginalised people to full participation in society. It implements its community-based rehabilitation initiatives through the combined efforts of people affected by leprosy, persons with disabilities, their families and communities, and relevant government and non-government health, education, vocational, social and other services. TLM adopts a broad-spectrum approach, ranging from local interventions to strategies for policy reform. Self-help and other groups are formed for community empowerment. This helps many households to receive additional income through livelihood opportunities, and thus have an improved quality of life.

TLM India also provides education scholarships for schooling, graduate, postgraduate and professional studies for children who have a background of leprosy. Its adult literacy programme provides opportunities to acquire functional literacy to people affected by leprosy/disability. This helps in reducing barriers and increasing their participation in community-level decision making.