Pray with us

According to the founder of The Leprosy Mission, Wellesley Bailey, the Mission was
‘born and cradled in prayer’.


Prayer continues to be central to all that we do. The Leprosy Mission International office produces prayer resources that give a global overview as well as the current prayer needs for our work with leprosy-affected people, our staff, and the countries that we work in. Many other TLM offices also produce prayer resources on a quarterly or monthly basis – check our list of Members to see if there’s a TLM office near you.

ASK Prayer Diary is an annual prayer guide providing a global overview of The Leprosy Mission’s work. You can view the ASK Prayer Diary week by week below, download a PDF of the full year, or request a printed booklet. A quarterly prayer guide with updated details, needs and points of praise is also available for download.

Project visit in Ambo
So thank God for his marvellous love, for his miracle mercy to the children he loves. - Psalm 107:8 (The Message) -
Week 25: 18-24 Jun



Pray for good communication and collaboration between ENAPAL, TLM and the different government departments at every level. Pray that we can work together towards zero transmission and improve the wellbeing of people affected by leprosy and disability.


Pray that the Lord will touch the lives of persons affected by leprosy and disability who are training in business skills in order to start their own income generating activities so that their efforts will be successful and sustainable.


Pray for Berihun and Tanny as they face many challenges in meeting the requirements for international NGOs set by the Ethiopian government.


Pray for protection and safety for ENAPAL and TLM staff during travels to the different projects.


Pray for peace, stability and unity amongst the different ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Pray that the work of TLM and partners ENAPAL can proceed without hindrance and bring benefit to many people.


In September TLM will be holding our Global Forum and annual Members Meetings in Addis Ababa. Pray for TLM Ethiopia and others preparing to host these meetings, and that all necessary visas will be granted.

About TLM Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, The Leprosy Mission works mainly through partners. Long standing partnerships with the Ethiopian National Association of Persons Affected by Leprosy (ENAPAL) and Addis Ababa Leprosy Victims Rehabilitation Association (ALVRA) have been established and continue to be fruitful. We also work with the All African Leprosy Tuberculosis Rehabilitation and Research Training Centre (ALERT) and Boru Meda Hospital.

An ongoing study in Kokosa, Ethiopia has shown that leprosy transmission is still high, with many new cases found, 21% of them children. TLM is working to strengthen and improve the knowledge of ENAPAL members so they can participate in case finding at community level. Awareness raising takes place in the wider community and health professionals are also trained so that together we can work towards zero transmission. A new physiotherapy department block is a great asset to the Boru Meda Hospital; and specific physio services are accessible closer to home for people affected by leprosy and other disabled persons.

TLM Ethiopia also provides technical advice to an ENAPAL research project exploring family-based approaches to preventing and managing disabilities. TLM Ethiopia is a member of the Disability International NGO (DINGO) forum, which serves as a platform for information exchange and networking as well as joint resource mobilisation.