Tanzania is home to Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, and famous for the Ngorongoro Crater and other national parks and conservation areas teeming with animal life. Despite advances in healthcare, it still ranks in the world’s top ten countries for leprosy, with around 2,000 new cases reported each year.

TLM has for many years provided funding, staff or other support to Hombolo Leprosy Hospital, near the capital, Dodoma. During the last decade, teams from Northern Ireland have visited regularly to help build houses for leprosy-affected families in Samaria, the leprosy village next to the hospital. There continues to be financial support for Hombolo Hospital and its outreach activities. The work includes the identification, treatment and referral of villagers with symptoms of leprosy, TB, HIV and other diseases. Outreach teams screen sick villagers who cannot travel to the hospital because of their illness or infirmity, and provide information or health education within the villages and local schools about major diseases and how to avoid them. There are also several self-help groups of people living near Hombolo Hospital, specifically promoting social security and independence of their members with TLM’s support.

TLM continues to look for opportunities and funding to expand its programme in Tanzania. The annual budget is currently around £25,000.

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Leprosy harms people in multiple ways, and we care about the whole person. We transform people’s lives through health and disability care, rehabilitation, education, better livelihoods, and advocacy for social change.

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Someone is newly diagnosed with leprosy every two minutes, and millions live with the consequences of the disease – yet many around the world don’t know it exists.

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