Sudan has been home to a long sequence of civilisations and people groups located particularly around the Blue and White Nile which flow south to north through the country. In more recent decades, civil conflict has blighted the country particularly in the western region, Darfur; in South Kordofan; and in the Blue Nile region in eastern Sudan. Two million people are thought to have died in internal conflict since 1983, and a further three million have been displaced from Darfur alone.

Through collaboration with the Episcopal Church of Sudan, TLM has for many years supported and supplied staff to the Aburoff clinic in Khartoum, which provides eye care, wound care and reaction management for people affected by leprosy nationwide. TLM was forced to withdraw from Darfur and Kordufan due to instability and – from 2011 – the transfer of staff to South Sudan, but continues to support the Government’s leprosy control programme through providing national diagnostic skin smears and offering training in the treatment and diagnosis of leprosy. TLM is currently exploring ways of further developing the programme by working closely with the Government’s new Neglected Tropical Diseases department (which will include leprosy) and the national dermatology referral centre in Khartoum.

TLM’s country leader in Sudan is Dr Yousif Deng (based in South Sudan). The annual budget is around £80,000 and is likely to grow if these new opportunities are able to be taken up.


Ismael's Story

Ismael, aged 38, is from Kutum in North Darfur State of Sudan, about 900 km ...

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we do

Leprosy harms people in multiple ways, and we care about the whole person. We transform people’s lives through health and disability care, rehabilitation, education, better livelihoods, and advocacy for social change.

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what is

Someone is newly diagnosed with leprosy every two minutes, and millions live with the consequences of the disease – yet many around the world don’t know it exists.

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