Scotland is a small country of just over 5 million people. It is a country of huge contrasts between large areas of rugged wilderness and thriving cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. It has always been a creative, generous and outward-looking country having given the world such diverse inventions as the telephone, golf, the steam engine, economics, penicillin and Sherlock Holmes.

TLM works to raise awareness of leprosy and its effects and to act as a vehicle through which people, churches, schools and community groups across Scotland can find their role in defeating leprosy and transforming lives. A small staff group is supported by a larger team of volunteers. They raise funds through national and local activities such as direct mail appeals, digital campaigns, coffee mornings and sponsored events. They also encourage relevant and timely prayer, and visit churches and groups to directly appeal for support. TLM has also been successful in gaining funding from the Scottish Executive – the devolved government in Scotland. Through all these initiatives TLM asks Scottish people to ‘stand in the G.A.P’ to uphold the work of God among people affected by leprosy through Giving, Acting or Praying.

TLM’s country leader in Scotland is Linda Todd. In 2017 TLM Scotland contributed over £300,000 to TLM programmes.

we do

Leprosy harms people in multiple ways, and we care about the whole person. We transform people’s lives through health and disability care, rehabilitation, education, better livelihoods, and advocacy for social change.

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what is

Someone is newly diagnosed with leprosy every two minutes, and millions live with the consequences of the disease – yet many around the world don’t know it exists.

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