The Wellesley Bailey Awards

Celebrating the courage and achievement of people affected by leprosy.
Alice and Wellesley Bailey
The Wellesley Bailey awards are unique. In September 2018 two remarkable people who have had leprosy and faced significant challenges from the disease will be presented with the ninth Wellesley Bailey Awards. There is no other international award which acknowledges the accomplishments of people who have been affected by leprosy.

Created in 1999 to celebrate the life and work of Mr Wellesley Bailey, founder of The Leprosy Mission, the Wellesley Bailey Awards honour those who have made extraordinary contributions to society through overcoming the social stigma and physical challenges of leprosy. 

A former recipient of the awards said "Leprosy is a ruthless thief, which first turns off all the lights before you notice that there is an intruder. Then in the total blackout it viciously created, it robs you of every single irreplaceable treasure you possess." 

The recipients will have been active members in their community for at least five years and will be champions for the rights and inclusion of people affected by leprosy through their achievements. 

Two separate awards will be given, preferably to one male and one female. Unsuccessful nominations from previous years can also be submitted for reconsideration. Whether or not the nominee is informed is at the discretion of those making the nomination. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Each Award includes a prize of £1,000 and a presentation plaque. The recipients will be invited to travel to Ethiopia, with a supporter of their choice, to receive the Award at a special ceremony in September 2018.

To place a nomination, please read the Application Guidelines and then fill in the Nomination Form and return it to Jade George at The deadline for nominations is 18 May 2018.
Previous recipients of the Wellesley Bailey Awards