Mr N'Kosi's Story

Democratic Republic of Congo

To Mr N’Kosi’s knowledge, no one in his family has had leprosy.

Mr N’Kosi Bilumbu Eyenga lives with his wife Mrs Abolu Blandine and their four children in Masina Commune. This is the most populated and poorest area of the city of Kinshasa, capital of DR Congo. Mr N’Kosi is a sergeant in the Congolese army.

To Mr N’Kosi’s knowledge, no one in his family has had leprosy. But in 2013 patches appeared on his hands, face and legs and he experienced cramps. Then he began to have wounds on his fingers and realised they were being distorted. At first, army medical services told him that his blood was ‘infected’ and he was given antibiotics such as penicillin, but to no avail. He was treated in many local health services and contacted several traditional healers. He began to take traditional medicines, again without success.

The Leprosy Mission Congo has been organising one-day workshops with church pastors from the city of Kinshasa. They learn about TLM’s work and about the disease of leprosy, and receive posters and leaflets to use as awareness materials. A friend of Mr N’Kosi, a nurse who attends a Baptist church in his commune, thought he might have leprosy, and told him that his pastor is very knowledgeable about his disease and can help him get medicine for free. The friend brought him to Reverend Pastor Fofolo, who is active in informing his church members as well as other pastors about leprosy. Rev. Fofolo clearly explained to Mr N’Kosi what leprosy is and that he would help direct him to appropriate services.

Shortly afterwards, Mr N’Kosi came to visit TLM Congo at its office in Kinshasa. He was checked by TLM’s medical officer, Dr Jean Ngoy, and was sent in TLM’s car to a health centre to make sure he is welcomed and begins his treatment immediately. Let us pray for him and his family so that they may know God’s grace and that he will be healed.