Lives Transformed

Your support and prayers make an amazing and lasting difference in people’s lives! Read about the impact of TLM’s work on individuals, families and communities across the world.

  • Joao_thumb
    Joao's Story
    • Timor Leste
    Joao Falo lives in Pante Makassar in Oecusse, the district of Timor Leste where most ...
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  • Suay_thumb
    Suay's Story
    • Thailand
    Suay lives near the Myanmar/ Thailand border. When, aged 18, he noticed patches on his ...
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  • Ismael_thumb
    Ismael's Story
    • Sudan
    Ismael, aged 38, is from Kutum in North Darfur State of Sudan, about 900 km ...
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  • Nakanthram_thumb
    Nakanthram's Story
    • Sri Lanka
    30-year-old Nakanthram is married with three children. He, his wife and his parents are all ...
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  • jocelyn_thumb
    Jocelyn's Story
    • South Sudan
    Jocelyn Apu is a happy woman in her 50s who smiles a lot during conversation. ...
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  • Abubakar_thumb
    Abubakar's Story
    • Nigeria
    Abubakar Mohammed lives in Dakwa community in Abuja, Nigeria. He had leprosy in his youth ...
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  • Salamatou_thumb
    Salamatou's Story
    • Niger
    Salamatou Djibeye lives in Téra, a town in the Tillabéri region in the far west ...
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  • sisir
    Sisir's Story
    • Nepal
    Sisir Tamang is five years old and comes from Nuwakot district in Nepal. His mother ...
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  • Ange_Ma_thumb
    Ange Ma's Story
    • Myanmar
    Ange Ma lives in a bamboo forest a long way outside of Yangon with her ...
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  • Farming_thumb
    A Farming Story
    • Mozambique
    In Chiure District in Mozambique, one village community is active in an agricultural project called ...
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