Guest bloggers from around The Leprosy Mission share about their work, thoughts and experiences, covering a range of topics from a variety of perspectives.

  • Saying and Doing
    Saying and Doing
    • 04 June 2017
    On Pentecost, God’s Holy Spirit was poured out, that His followers might say things like the Master said, and do things like the Master did.
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  • Meeting the NTD challenge
    Meeting the NTD challenge
    • 28 April 2017
    Five years of exciting progress in eliminating neglected tropical diseases were celebrated last week at the WHO NTD Summit in Geneva.
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  • Rising above our hardships: Nepal two years on
    Rising above our hardships: Nepal two years on
    • 26 April 2017
    Staff and guests gathered to reminisce the past two years and the continued work for long term recovery.
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  • Looking back to 25 April 2015
    Looking back to 25 April 2015
    • 25 April 2017
    Ruth Shrestha, counsellor at Anandaban Hospital, Nepal, shares her experiences following the 2015 earthquake.
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  • Celebrating World TB Day in Nigeria
    Celebrating World TB Day in Nigeria
    • 19 April 2017
    World Tuberculosis (TB) Day for 2017 was celebrated all over the world on 24th March with the slogan “United to end TB”.
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  • Supporting Community Engagement
    Supporting Community Engagement
    • 11 April 2017
    The Leprosy Mission England and Wales were delighted to receive an award for Community Engagement at the recent International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases Festival. But what does this mean?
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  • Promoting Research in Africa
    Promoting Research in Africa
    • 05 April 2017
    In order to encourage and promote research in Africa, the Leprosy Research Initiative has funded an initiative to train and mentor some teams from African countries where there is a strong leprosy community.
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  • He heals the brokenhearted
    He heals the brokenhearted
    • 29 January 2017
    During the past five days I have met a lot of people who say they were brokenhearted – due to leprosy, due to poverty, due to the earthquake in April 2015.
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  • World Leprosy Day 2017
    World Leprosy Day 2017
    • 29 January 2017
    What is World Leprosy Day?
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  • The wait is over…
    The wait is over…
    • 25 January 2017
    Welcome to our new website!
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