How we are equipping leprosy advocates all over the world

12 July 2019

How we are equipping leprosy advocates all over the world

In recent years The Leprosy Mission (TLM) has invested more time and money into our advocacy work. Pradeep Bagival is an advocacy expert who joined TLM two years ago.

As well as increasing TLM’s advocacy presence at the UN, the EU, and with national governments, Pradeep is also equipping people all over the world to become leprosy advocates with their own governments.

Advocacy can be the key to unlocking huge progress in defeating leprosy

Leprosy affects some of the poorest communities on the planet. Whilst NGOs like TLM can work hard to defeat leprosy, we can do so much more when we are joined by governments across the world.

These governments can help to get people affected by leprosy access to treatment, they can run education campaigns that raise awareness of leprosy and break down stigma, and they can ensure that people affected by leprosy are not discriminated against by law.

We can ensure governments are held to a high standard

Pradeep has been working with Members of TLM’s Global Fellowship and our partners to equip them to become excellent advocates for people affected by leprosy. In a recent trip to the Netherlands, Pradeep was able to speak to a collection of disability charities and NGOs to provide them with advocacy training. Read about what Pradeep taught here.

Thanks to Pradeep’s training there are now leprosy and disability advocates in the Netherlands who are equipped to talk to their government and advocate for people affected by leprosy.

As advocates in countries like the Netherlands put pressure on their governments, these governments will then encourage governments which govern leprosy affected areas to provide support to people affected by leprosy. These governments can also invest their own foreign aid budgets into defeating leprosy, an asset that has immense power to increase financial investment into leprosy work. 

We are committed to holding governments to account

We know that governments can have a profound impact when they focus their energies on defeating leprosy. The Leprosy Mission is committed to continue to work with governments at the local, national, and international level so that they will maintain their responsibilities to people affected by leprosy.

As more and more people receive training and support from Pradeep and TLM, we grow every day the number of people advocating alongside people affected by leprosy. Advocacy has become an integral part of our mission to end leprosy transmission by 2035.