The wait is over…

25 January 2017

The wait is over…

We’re thrilled and excited to go live on our brand new website! The limited temporary website is gone, and the new and very improved website is here, full of information on leprosy, our work with leprosy-affected people around the world, us as an organisation and any other questions you might have about The Leprosy Mission.

We hope you’ll have a look around our new website (check out the map under ‘our work’, the weekly prayers under ‘get involved’, and find other highlights on the home page) and we’d love to hear what you think! Did you find what you were looking for? Any surprises? Any (gasp) spelling errors? Contact us and let us know.

In other news, welcome to our new blog! We’ll have different people posting from around The Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship and partners, so keep an eye out – we’ll be covering lots of different topics from a variety of perspectives.

Just around the corner is one of the most important days of the year for leprosy awareness. World Leprosy Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of January each year, which this year falls on the 29th, and is marked by The Leprosy Mission and others affected by or working in the field of leprosy across the globe. There might be celebrations, rallies, fundraising opportunities, concerts, press days, special visits, tea and cakes – anything to raise awareness of leprosy, its impact on people and what can be done to help. Look up TLM near you (easy shortcut - top right of your screen) to find out if there’s a local TLM website with information on how you can get involved.