How you can buy gifts made by people affected by leprosy

03 October 2019

How you can buy gifts made by people affected by leprosy

With Christmas around the corner, you might be considering the gifts you’ll be buying your loved ones. Or perhaps your thoughts haven’t yet turned to Christmas and you just fancy getting yourself a new bag or some new homeware?

With TLM’s online shop, you are able to buy products that have been made by some of the poorest and most marginalised people in the world and help them to make a living.

Supporting artisans affected by leprosy

For a lot of people affected by leprosy it can be very hard to find steady employment; employees are often influenced by incorrect prejudices surrounding leprosy and for many people affected by leprosy, the disabilities that they have can make work very hard.

The Leprosy Mission works hard across the world to ensure that people affected by leprosy are given training in the kind of skills that allow them to earn a living and support themselves and their families. Some of this training has nourished wonderful artists.

TLM’s online shop connects you directly with people affected by leprosy so that you can buy the artisan products they have made. You can find leather bags, candle holders, nativity scenes, silk scarves, and much, much more.

When you buy an artisan gift, it means that TLM shop can place more orders with the artisan groups, which helps to sustain a livelihoods.

Gifts for Life can change a life

Not all people affected by leprosy are able to create artisanal products like this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support them through our shop. Our Gifts for Life allow you to buy gifts that can transform the life of a person affected by leprosy.

Your giving could help to get a child affected by leprosy through school, it could provide chickens or coconut trees so they can make a living, or it could provide medical treatments.

This Christmas you can use a Gift for Life to honour your loved ones and people affected by leprosy across the world.

All gifts feed back into our work  

Whether you purchase a gift made by one of our artisans, a Gift for Life, or any other product on our website, the money we raise from that purchase will be fed back into our work to defeat leprosy and transform lives. Our online shop has everything from chocolate and other treats, to cards and stationery. You can buy cook books, puzzles, candles, and jewellery. There’s a lot to see.

In 2018 TLM Trading raised a fantastic £430,000. That money can make an enormous difference in poor and marginalised communities that are affected by leprosy. Whether it is for Christmas or at any other point in the year, shopping with TLM is far more profound than ordinary High Street or online shopping.

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(Above image: © Daniel Christiansz)